About Gong

Our passion is to connect and match junior, medior and senior IT talents with inspiring, fun and innovative organisations, where both parties can learn from each other and become successful together.

Our vision
With the fast-paced development of technology, companies require professionals to stay ahead of the game, to be innovative and responsive to market demands.
We match diverse IT students, alumni and starters with start-ups and other interesting organisations, that have a positive impact on their community, environment and business. Gong is proud to be different and believes that in order to establish sustainable working relationships between employer and employees; intrinsic motivation, personality and work ethics play a key role.
Since 2000 we have established successful matches between our students and organisations, where part-time students have become full-time professionals.


Many IT students have a part-time job, that is irrelevant to their passion and education.
Once graduated they find themselves in junior roles, where they cannot maximise their potential, as they lack sufficient relevant work experience to fill positions they would really love. The problem is that graduates cannot find a satisfying career that challenges them enough, additionally organisations face the challenge of finding skilled, driven professionals and therefore can’t benefit from their growth potential, creativity and innovative ways of thinking.
Gong is a small organisation that works in a personal manner, aiming to close this gap and make a positive contribution and solve this problem.


For you:

  • Working with fresh and innovative minds on the offset of their career, allowing the candidate to grow along with your business and could become invaluable, once she/ he graduated and are ready for full-time employment;
  • Ethical and transparent business practices;
  • Best pool of International talent.
  • Students have the flexibility of working irregular hours (evenings and weekends), as well as working remotely.
  • Flexibility: pay only for worked hours, pay a fixed fee, or combine the two;
  • After 1000 hours, the candidate can be taken over, free of charge.
  • Tax benefits available.*
*The R&D tax credit (WBSO) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is a Dutch tax benefit, intended to provide entrepreneurs an incentive to invest in research.

For our people, the candidates:

  • A challenging career opportunity in which they can develop their IT skills further and put what they have learned, into practice;
  • An inspiring work environment where they can’t just work on their own progress, but as well share their knowledge and ideas with others;
  • Gain actual work experience that matters for their future and start their professional career.
  • We feel responsible for the future career development of our people.