Gong Services

How do we work?

We developed our own offline & online community by & for students, alumni and professionals. This allows us to remain in continuous dialogue and gain insight in true motivations and what drives our people.
We assess both the hard and soft skills of our candidates, by working with a team of specialised professionals. The people of Gong aren not just looking for a job, they are seeking an opportunity to learn and develop their skills and have a positive impact on the organisation/ business that they work for. Some prefer short projects, allowing them to measure their output directly, whilst others desire to participate in building a start-up and grow along.

One thing has become evident, personality and organisational culture need to be a match, when you seek to actually develop valuable working relationships.

Selection & recruitment
Gong will take care of the entire selection and possible recruitment processes. A one-time search fee of €500,- will be charged, which will be adjusted once a candidate has been successfully placed.

Secondment & direct employment
Client pays based on an hourly tariff and all administration regarding the employee will be taken care of by EasyStaff BV, a certified Backoffice service provider. This guarantees that all financial, legal and administrative tasks will be ethically and professionally executed, in line with the collective labour agreements and Dutch tax laws.
If  both you and the candidate are satisfied with the match, you can choose to employ the recruited candidate(s) directly or after a period of secondment. A fixed fee will be determined, which will be between the 30% – 40% of a minimum of 1000 hours.

Gong would be happy to organise a mini-hackathon within your organisation. This could be an effective method if there are 3-5 suitable candidates. Gong will provide one of our senior IT developers to manage the hackathon. Your own IT specialist will give a short briefing on what is expected to be delivered. Gong can’t guarantee that an actual operational product will be the end result, however you will always get new innovative business insights.
In addition, you will receive a clear insight in the practical capabilities of the candidates and are able to assess which candidate(s) would fit in to your organisational culture.

Duo & team placements
You can choose to hire one candidate, but Gong is as well capable of designing a multifunctional, dynamic team. In addition we can place a junior and senior, that work well together. In both cases, you have the benefit of a reduced investment of time, for training and development. The team could work more independently if preferred, which is for example ideal for research projects from (international) organisations or when parttime talents work remotely.

Additional services
Depending on the skillset of the candidate, Gong can provide mentoring and guidance to the employee, by an external Sr. IT Developer, part of our Gong Community. Needless to say that this is time efficient for you and can have a long term positive impact.

Flexibility is key and we would be happy to listen to your needs and are open to discuss possible solutions with and for you!


For more information about Gong, our services and prices, contact Nadia Aithamou